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"Built Better, Faster and for Much Less
Than Traditional Site Built Homes" 

You Dream it, we can Build it!

Whether you fall in love with one of our over 208+ current models (all are customizable) or you are looking for a Custom Modular Home, Jersey Shore Modular Homes is your one stop “Turn-Key” Modular Builder.  

All you need is a building lot, we’ll take care of the rest! Modular Construction, also known as a Prefab Home, is the only way to build a New Home these days.  

Get a better quality, more energy efficient home and be in your Dream Home faster and for less.  The Modular Bonus – A Modular Home is a “Healthier Home” for you and your family to live in because it’s built indoors away from the elements, so any mold that often is part of a traditional site built home because it is built outdoors is virtually eliminated during the construction phase at the factory.

208+ Floor Plans

Where would you rather have your brand new home be built? Outdoors or Indoors?

Traditional Building in the Rain - Mold.
Modular Construction Materials indoors.j
Modullar Construction indoors.jpg

Modular Home Prices

IF DURING YOUR ONLINE SEARCH FOR A NEW MODULAR HOME YOU ARE SEEING MODULAR PRICES AS LOW AS $59 SQ FT. COMPLETED, RUN THE OTHER WAY! This is not a final price where you can move in and hang the pictures, not even close!  

Don't you need a rough idea at the very least of how much your new modular home will cost ALL IN – everything included so you can move in? Do you want to deal with a Modular Home Builder who uses these tactics to get you in their door?

Don't you want to deal with someone who is being up front from day one so you know you can trust them throughout the entire project?  

We have been pricing Modular Homes for 23 years and that experience will go a long way in getting you the answers you need to know now, early on in the process and before you hand over any kind of a “Non-Refundable” Deposit prior to finding out about all the other costs to build your new home.

Bottom line - don’t trust such a large investment to someone giving you a low price up front to get you on board…, typically this does not end well; and no one likes surprises!  It has been proven time and time again, “The lowest price is certainly not the best price”. 

For Further Information about building your dream modular home contact us to schedule an appointment!

Or give us a call at 609-467-3136

The Modular Process

How Do I get Started building my New Modular Home? Jersey Shore Modular Homes is one of very few Turnkey Modular Home Builders in South Jersey.  

We can take you through the entire process of building your dream home from beginning to end.  We will take care of each step for you from filing for your permits, to scheduling your survey and working with the engineer or architect on your site plan, right up to obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy.  

We can also help you on a Drop Ship basis, a.k.a. Drop and Set, where we help you design the home, help you choose all your selections for your new home, get it manufactured, deliver and set it so it so your home is water tight and you can then hire your own General Contractor (GC) or GC it yourself.

For more information about the Modular Process:

Your Brand New Shore Home is a Click Away! 

Looking to build a brand-new modular home at the Jersey Shore? 

All of our modular homes are designed for the code requirements and wind zones along all the coastal areas. Check out our Coastal Designs and Restore The Shore Collection. Special Note: The floor plan is most important.  Any Homes Exterior can be made to look like it belongs at the Shore and/or elevated on any type of foundation, so be sure to look at all our collections to find your dream home and we can discuss how to make it perfect!

Keep in mind, any of these modular shore homes can be modified to your specifications. You can increase the area for a more expansive open floor space, reduce a space according to your customized needs; add additional bedrooms, bathrooms, or making a closet bigger; we work to ensure your style and personality is reflected in every aspect in customizing your modular home.

Happen to have another floor plan you design in mind? you can bring it to us.  We have  many Custom Modular Designs specifically proposed for waterfront lots. Your living space is located at the rear of the home taking advantage of your special views.

Contact us 

to start planning
your dream home  that meets
your lifestyle.

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